How It Works

How can we give EXTRA cash back on top of the special incentives, offers, sale prices, voucher codes and online discounts provided by major online retailers in the UK?



When you visit a website you may often notice that other companies, shops and retailers have banner advertisements on that website that you can click on to visit their website. If you click the link from advertisements, it is very likely that the website that was hosting the advertisement will receive a commission for showing the advertisement and introducing you to the retailer. This does not affect the price you pay for your online shopping as the commission will be part of the advertiser’s marketing budget.

Online companies, including retailers and numerous other companies, spend millions of pounds a year paying these commissions, and websites earn millions a year from this referral commission. In the case of, instead of keeping this commission, we choose to share it with you in the form of a cashback reward. This way, our deserved members who actually buy online get the rewards and not the referring websites, meaning you benefit every time you shop online through

What exactly happens?

•  Registration is completely free and we offer you a £5 FREE bonus for registering. Initially you will have to earn a minimum cashback amount of £25, which is the threshhold limit; after which the accumulated cashback will be paid to you via BACS.

•  Login to our website whenever you want to shop online.

•  Choose where you would like to shop from our cashback shopping directory of your favourite websites, major retailers.

•  Click on the images or links on our website for your chosen shop.

•  You will be taken to your chosen shop’s website to do your shopping as usual.

•  Your purchase is tracked electronically; the retailer then pays

•  We pay you the cashback! The amount of cash back is clearly stated in each online retailer’s description.


How do I earn money with the Simply Cashback 'Refer a Friend' Scheme?


•  Login to our website and copy the referral link under 'Refer and Earn'

•  Simply paste this link into an email when inviting friends to join

•  Tell your friends to click on this link to join, which will take them to our Simply Cashback home page.

•  They should then register as normal.

•  So long as your friends register by first clicking on the ' Refer and Earn' link that you send them, their referral will be logged and we will add a £5 referral bonus to your Simply Cashback account.

•  Once your friends reach their cashback threshold limit of £25, your £5 referral bonus in your Simply Cashback account will be approved.


You don't need to spend money to earn money!

Whilst you can earn cash with when you spend money on everyday items that you currently buy online, many of our offers including those in our ‘Freebies’ section do not require you to make any purchases. Some websites even pay you just to visit them, register with them, take free trials etc. Earning cashback with is quick and easy and you can even earn hundreds of pounds without spending anything – just think of how much money you could earn by referring friends and receiving your £5 referral reward! Simply tell your friends about Simply Cashback, invite them to join by emailing them with your 'Refer and Earn' link, and once they have earned £25 cashback, your £5 referral reward will be approved in your Simply Cashback account.

No risks. No obligations. No extra costs. Just extra cash & money back!

If you have any general queries or suggestions about our site then please do not hesitate to contact our Support Desk. You can also find answers to all our frequently asked questions on our extensive knowledgebase in our online Support Desk.

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